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Zoo Brazil - Technik (Original Mix) [HQ]





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  • THIS IS ACTUALLY THE SONG SPUTNIK NOT THE ABOVE TITLE....check the no place like home album! : od Fan4Fan Live&Local
  • I agreed with you : od Sharon Gil
  • i think he was trying to make a pun about "zoo" brazil... but that's just me : od mu1ery
  • Ahah, this is my shit. : od dissident93
  • Cheers reno nevada : od 4lifeEDM
  • @newjersey02 Spanish people are from Spain, and people from Spain stay in spain, your thinking of mexicans and other south Americans that came from Spain 100's of years ago. Spanish people live normaly. "We need more music and less war. For Mother Earth. For Love." For someone with that statement your are VERY ignorant : od RogalDorn69
  • The Country Brazil is like a zoo! America is suffering from the wide spread of Spanish people and they live like their in zoos! : od newjersey02
  • Awesome song : od WTFello5

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